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Kara has done an amazing job in her role of Vice President of Sponsorship for the San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Under her direction, revenue and in-kind sponsorship for the SFAMA has increased exponentially. Over the past year, the relationships Kara and her well-managed, talented team have built with key corporate partners and premium food and beverage such as Citrix, Google,¬†Aquent, Stella Artois, Cornerstone, Heitz, Whole Foods and many others has elevated the SFAMA, increased our visibility and made us a leader in the San Francisco marketplace for professional events. It has been a pleasure to serve on the board with her and I would recommend her to any organization looking to deliver results and succeed in today’s highly competitive environment.

Sandra Cobb-Boykin, Founder & CEO, SRCB Marketing | Social Media | Branding

Online communications management and strategies

Kara is highly creative, innovative and forward-thinking, and always willing to learn and explore new areas. When Kara first came to SFAMA, she discovered that her role had been vacant for some time and materials were out-of-date and stale. Kara did not let this stop her, though, and immediately took steps to not only update all of the existing materials, but she created and implemented a completely new program with more relevant offerings. She was successful in bringing in new partners and sponsors with these new materials, and also won back some of the previous partners and sponsors because of her enthusiastic and professional work on SFAMA’s behalf. Kara has a very positive outlook, without being unrealistic, and inspires those reporting to her to be just as innovative and creative. Kara’s work was a huge benefit to the SFAMA and contributed greatly to the chapter’s success in many ways, such as financially, brand awareness and reputation management, and participation by community members, to just name a few.

Angi Roberts, Founder & Principal, The Association Office

Social media development and management

Kara’s jewelry designs convey the essence of spring: light and color in harmonious interplay. Her use of unusual semi-precious stones and her whimsical approach to settings give her work a sense of lyricism and a modern sensibility perfect for casual or special occasions.

Jennifer Coker