Our collaboration can begin with the tiniest seed of an idea or and existing product in need of a refresh. Visualizing the possibilities beyond the current reality and charting a course for an exciting launch is our specialty. Let us design and then tell your story.Jewelry Design San Francisco

1. Work with client to determine design requirements
2. Brainstorm ideas
3. Prepare sketches
4. Create prototypes
5. Design evaluation
6. Modify and refine design
7. Confer with production, marketing and sales
8. Manage marketing/sales for you

Design Management San Francisco

We can do as little or as much as you like. We are a full service firm, but all services are available a la carte.

We are your enthusiastic partner – from the earliest stages of product exploration through go-to-market strategy. We currently collaborate with clients in the apparel, interior design and wine fields. An exciting new project is product design for a line of upscale handbags made from recycled sailboat sails.